Sarah’s Realm

Greetings! Welcome to Sarah’s Realm, I’m the Artist Sarah. I am a mixed media artist living in the southern San Joaquin Valley in California. My passion and talents lie mostly in the gaming arena; illustrating characters, maps, and scenes for Roleplaying Games, Video Games, and peoples personal projects. If you're looking for an artist, why not check out my Services Page.

Fantasy Illustrations

Got a Role Playing Game, Board Game, Collectible Card Game, Novel, or other project that could use scene illustrations? I might just be the artist you need. As a gamer and fantasy fan myself I’m pretty familiar with the conventions and concepts present throughout Fantasy fiction and can provide top quality illustrations. Why not have a look at my services page, and if I seem like a good fit reach out to me through my Commission Request Form?

Character Art

Have a character concept you’d like to see illustrated from a personal work of fiction, a Role Playing Game, or MMO? I’m a bit of an MMO gamer myself and would love to help bring your own personal vision for your character to life. I can provide a host of deliverables, including digital files, physical media, and convention badges so everyone who knows you online can match your in game face to your in person one. My prices are listed on my services page, take a look.

Other requests

I’m pretty flexible as an artist, while I’m most comfortable doing character art and general illustrations I’m not adverse to trying my hand at cartography (a skill I’m currently working on) and physical crafts (something I’ve done in the past) why not shoot me an inquiry through my contact page and I’ll let you know if your project is something I can manage.

Lets go on an adventure!

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