About Sarah

About Sarah

Greetings! My name is Sarah and I am a woman of many hats. I am a mother, a student, an artist, and a gamer. I have many interests some of the most prominent being World of Warcraft, Fantasy, Board Games, Disney, and candy… candy can be an interest. Don’t judge me. I’m currently trying to get my art world to blossom so I am able to be better known in certain circles. I love working with physical mediums, as in painting and sketching instead of digital, but am trying to branch out in the digital world of art more. Thank you for visiting!

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Where else is Sarah adventuring to?

I am currently working on making maps and adventures for some role-playing games as well as working on a Gaming Podcast, called "DM vs GM", geared towards role-playing games. We talk about gaming as a whole within a wide variety of games with some fun 1 on 1 game plays with me running 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons happening soon.


Coming Soon!

There will be more adventures to come as I get more of my gnomes to settle down and cooperate!

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