Digital painting

Badge Art

Badge art for a convention. A few packages offered including a 3" x 4" physical badge delivered by mail, a high - resolution image digitally sent to print out for personal use, an 8" x 10.5" artwork completed of the artwork of your choice, or a combination of the listed.

Prices start at $50.

["Demon Kitty" is an example minus the personalized text.]

Character Artwork

Character artwork from your favorite game, story, or adventure. This can be a sketch in graphite or a digital work with both black and white and full color creation options.

Prices start at $30 for a sketch and prices start at 75$ for color works. 

["Missy" is an example of a finalized graphite sketch.]

Graphite on paper
Watercolor on Bristol Board

Custom Painting

Custom paintings can be fantasy based on a detailed description or off a picture of a pet or loved one. Acrylic on canvas board or stretched canvas is an option or watercolor on Bristol board.

Paintings start at $200 prices vary on size, medium, and focal point.

["Lilies For My Lily" is an example of a watercolor piece.]

Service Delivery Notes:

Digital Delivery is the main form of delivery of the artwork. Digitally sent copy, or scanned work, in a high-resolution images will be sent in PDF format. Exceptions can be made when requested for physical pieces. Shipping and Handling is extra and can only be guaranteed within the United States at this time. If you want the physical piece sent to you please note that in your inquiry.

Coupon Codes:

Those given a password to deliver the gnome package please note that in your inquiry.

More to come!

Have a project you had in mind that isn't listed? Contact me and I will see if I can help you out with your project.


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